Principles of predicting the future, with the Jetsons!

Principles of predicting the future, with the Jetsons!

This episode, Mike, Clare and Mark kick off a 3 part miniseries on predicting the future of ed-tech, by looking at the kooky predictions of the Jetsons!

We’ll be nailing down our future prediction principles in this episode, which we’ll then be taking forwards to episode 2, where we look at the futures of ed-tech that were and weren’t, and finally give them a good kicking with the Innovating Pedagogy report in episode 3

The list we refer to in this episode was handily curated by ScreenRant, and can be found here: https://screenrant.com/times-the-jetsons-predicted-the-future/

Oh yeah, and as this was episode 13 we got struck by the combined horrid curses of full memory cards, production incompetence (meeee!) and of course, the move to WFH thanks to COVID-19. On behalf of both this podcast, and the human race in general – I would like to encourage Coronavirus to sod off.

If you’ve got a bit of CPU or Graphics Card capacity you’re not using on your PC, then why not get involved with Folding@Home? Those clever boffins can put your unused computing grunt in to running simulations that help them fight smelly diseases. Also there’s so many people doing it that it now has more combined computing power than the world’s top supercomputers, which is pretty flash.