Hi, I’m Mike Collins, I work as a Senior Learning Designer at the Open University in the UK. I host and produce the Pedagodzilla podcast, and a weekly puzzle based podcast The Infinite Escape Room.

I recently decided I was having too much sleep, so am now a dad.

And, I’m Mark Childs, and I work as a Senior Learning Designer at Durham University Centre of Academic Development. I turn up to Mike’s recording sessions and say the first thing that comes into my head. I also do a lot of the editing now Mike has his hands full being a dad.

What we’re doing:

This podcast is an elaborate effort to boost and broaden our knowledge of pedagogic theory, practice and research. It’s a heck of a dry subject though, so we have a bit of fun by clumsily slapping geeky analogies over the top from our favorite bits of pop culture nerdery.
Each episode we’ll skim just enough information to blag a chunk of pedagogy, and then give it a damn good kicking.

Why the bits don’t join up:

Pedagogy is a heck of a broad field, overlapping with social anthropology, psychology, cognitive science and philosophy. Its really hard to talk about one bit in isolation without first referencing all of the bits it connects to. As we don’t really have the time or inclination to record a 400 hour audiobook, what we’ve done instead is thrown it all out of the window and looked at isolated chunks as and when they interest us – and then we’ll tie them all together in linked groups and categories later for anyone who wants the bigger picture.

Your radical views on pedagogy offend me sir, and I demand satisfaction:

Sorry about that. Fortunately our views are entirely our own, and do not represent those of our employer. You’re free to glare at us menacingly from a distance, or alternatively get in touch via Twitter @pedagodzilla.

Your album cover is too rad

You betcha. If you’d like your own radical album cover then hit up http://domjordanillustration.com/

What’s the theme tune?

It’s a little song called Sheer by Leviathe, and is available for free on the YouTube creators library. We also use a sample of classic 1950’s Godzilla roaring, and are keeping our fingers crossed we don’t get a takedown request from Warner Bros (be cool dudes).