Harry Potter and the Learning Design Proposal

Harry Potter and the Learning Design Proposal

This episode, join us as Learning Design professionals from four of the UK’s most prestigious universities come together to help Hogwarts, the magical school for witchcraft and wizardy, pivot from magical to non magical teaching. Why you may ask? Because of a terrible disease that’s ravaged the wizarding world and disrupted everyone’s lives! Any similarities to Covid are pure coincidence.

We have just one hour to put our proposal together, and send it back via owl. Join us for the ride!

We had a lot of fun doing this one, and it’s a kind of thought experiment we’d like to revisit in the future. It’s also a kosher way of discussing learning design from different institutional perspectives without putting anyone’s reputation at risk. Saying that there’s a bit in there where we talk about our biscuit requirements as consultants and we’re deadly serious about that.

Also there’s so much ground we don’t cover in this just because of the time limit on that pesky owl. If there’s anything you feel we’ve missed from our proposal then let us know via the Twitters.