Playful Learning 2022 Minis

Reverend Lindsay Southern, Dobble and Connections –

Pedagodzilla on Tour
Pedagodzilla on Tour
Reverend Lindsay Southern, Dobble and Connections -

In this slightly unusual one, Mike decides to ambush a passer by shortly after setting up his gear – and has a lovely chat with an attendee from a totally different conference: Revered Lindsay Southern!

Lindsay is a teacher herself, and we talk Dobble, making connections – and how there’s a cool two player variant of Bananagrams. Lindsay helped me test the equipment and shave some rough edges off the format as well, for which I’m eternally grateful.

As with the whole series, we’re looking at answer the questions:

  • What games are the UK’s top education professionals passionate about?
  • Do they see an intersect between what attracts them to those games, and how they approach their day to day practice?

You can find Rev Lindsay at the parish of Catterick and Tunstall where she reverends.