Playful Learning 2022 Day 3: Mike and Mark’s reflections, Sylvester Arnab’s keynote and the closing ceremony

Pedagodzilla on Tour
Pedagodzilla on Tour
Playful Learning 2022 Day 3: Mike and Mark's reflections, Sylvester Arnab's keynote and the closing ceremony

Recording something quick and scrappy while the conference wraps up around us! An edited version of this will appear in due course, but if you’d mad hungry for the flavour of the conference then here it be. Mildly processed to make it listenable, but uncut. All of this was recorded on a tiny wee Zoom H2n, which wasn’t really designed for the job but god bless it it’s had a good bash.

Mark and I have had an absolute blast. This is by far and above the best conference I’ve ever been to, and the highlight of both my podcasting and professional career. I can’t thank everyone involved enough.

Sylvester’s keynote is banging, and a proper lightspeed tour through his multifaceted genius. You can find out more about him, with links to all the good stuff he does, over at the Coventry Portal.

Much love from Mike and Mark at Playful Learning 2022