The Pedagodzilla Pedagogic Poetry Slam

The Pedagodzilla Pedagogic Poetry Slam

Boy oh boy do we have a treat for you. Join Mike, Mark, Clare, Dot, Olivia, Mark number 2 and Chris in a multi university Pedagogic Poetry Slam mashup.

  • Beat Poet Mark Childs gives lectures the gentle treatment.
  • Piratical buccaneer Clare Hill shanties our ship about the benefits of ICEBERGs.
  • Ghost of a Victorian music hall performer Mark Williams relates an alphabet of design principles.
  • Iambic Pentameter Polymath Olivia Rowland laments information abundance.
  • Renaissance raconteur Chris Cox Suess’s narrative and in learning design.
  • Merited master of creative writing Dot ‘The Doz’ Coley gives us a piece on personal development planning.
  • And ‘on your bike’ Mike Collins tries to summarise 2 years of pedagogic podcasting in a limerick that spirals out of control.

Turns out poems are a pretty good way of summarising something for quick reference. If you’d like to download any of these to help with your own practice you can get the individual clips here:

(Oh yeah, there’s a bit where Mark C and Mark W talk about playing golf together. What they forgot to mention was that this was in VR using their Oculus Quest headsets, instead of flaunting lockdown rules by breaking in to a real life golf course like a pair of lunatics.)