Remixplay 5 2023: Conference-in-a-pod!

Pedagodzilla on Tour
Pedagodzilla on Tour
Remixplay 5 2023: Conference-in-a-pod!

It’s time for another conference-in-a-pod! A shrunk down flavour of the whole Remixplay 5: Secret Agents of Change conference, January 2023 – Coventry.

It’s a conference for mega-educators who use playful practice to engage and build communities, and to then set that community loose on projects of monumental societal change.

You’ll hear chunks of the day, drawn from more than five hours of recordings (and an exciting variety of recording conditions, ranging from good to a bit iffy…whoops), interspersed with my reflections and lessons learned.

There’s a few links we mention in the interviews with Alex and Sylvester at the end. I’d encourage you to go check out the ACES and GameChangers stuff, it’s unsurprisingly ace. Also frugal education is the coolest edu-concept this season. So hot right now.

The ACES page: https://aces.gchangers.org 

The ACES Charter: http://aces.gchangers.org/charter/

The ACES STEMBucket Challenge eBook: https://aces.gchangers.org/downloads/aces-stembucket-challenge-handbook/?tmstv=1674561289

GameChangers: https://gchangers.org

Frugal Education: https://frugal.education