We’ve always got episodes bubbling away in the background, in various states of undress and preparation. Here’s what we’ve got at the moment. Transparent practice innit!

Working titleThemesStatusContributors
Activity theory + ???A duffer’s guide to activity theory. Really need to cover it.??????
Pedagodzilla movie nightWe need to get some movie talk out of our systems. Lets talk about highbrow movie stuff for a while.25% plannedMike C, Mark C, Becky C, Others
The Truly Open Mic NightThese Open Mic nights are a laugh and a half, but what if they could be laughier, halfier and enjoy a wider spread of voices? Let’s rescue 2023 with an Open Mic night that anyone from Twitter can contribute towards. Same rules as always, a 1-3min performance of something to do with education, pedagogy, lived teaching experience. Poems, songs, monologues, rants, lightning talks, audio puppet shows, standup – whatever you fancy.0% planned but where we’re going we don’t need plans.Mike C, Mark C and the whole entire internet
Learning outcomesMike recently worked with Tom Olney to produce a video on Learning Outcomes. It’s Tom’s special soapbox subject – and it would be great to go in to detail on them, as they’re such a fundamental part of design. Needs a good pop culture lens…25% plannedMike C, Mark C, Tom O, Paul A
EDIA in educationReally need to do something on this topic sharpish. Would be good to have something ready to coincide with the OU summer EDI event.0% plannedMike C + others
UDL & DnDUDL, and how it can make you a better games master.50%
Recorded, needs editing – and needs a skit added
Mike C, Mark C, Jen McP, Elliott S
LARP and metacognitionMet Laura Mitchell at Playful Learning and want to do something involving LARP! Working title: ‘How does metacognition enable people to be the heroes in (dystopian) LARP’90%
Edited, needs final check and publishing
Mike C, Mark C, Laura M
How can creatures great and small boost employability through apprenticeships?All creatures great and small vs apprenticeships and the concept of employability in HE50%, recorded, needs editingMike C, Olivia R, Mark C, Chris C
Council of Elrond and social contructivismWe need to cover this again really. And we need to cover Lord Of The Rings. 1% yup that’s all we have at the momentMike C, Mark C, Rebecca F
Domains of pedagogyWe need to nail this sausage down for the book. It’s turned out to be a tricky one!1%
needs bashing out
Mike C, Mark C, Rebecca F, Mary J