We’ve always got episodes bubbling away in the background, in various states of undress and preparation. Here’s what we’ve got at the moment. Transparent practice innit!

Working titleThemesStatusContributors
Could phenomenography increase the happiness quotient in Say Yes To The Dress?Phenomenography ! I’m looking forward to finding out what it is. And say yes to the dress, which I understand to be a show on the 50% planned, recording in Nov?Mike C, Mark C, Sheila W
Imposter SyndromeExploring the feelings of imposter syndrome in the education industry. This was previously going to be on the devil wears prada, but we need to start over with the planning as the overall concept never really came together.Planning 10%Mike C, Jen McP, Mark C, Puiyin W
Activity theory + ???Carlos has spent years looking at activity theory, Mark has spent years looking at social constructivism. Lets get the two in the same recording and see what happens. This one needs a good pop culture hook.25% plannedMike C, Carlos M,
Mark C
Pedagodzilla movie nightWe need to get some movie talk out of our systems. Lets talk about highbrow movie stuff for a while.25% plannedMike C, Mark C, Becky C, Others
The Truly Open Mic NightThese Open Mic nights are a laugh and a half, but what if they could be laughier, halfier and enjoy a wider spread of voices? Let’s kick off 2022 with an Open Mic night that anyone from Twitter can contribute towards. Same rules as always, a 1-5min performance of something to do with education, pedagogy, lived teaching experience. Poems, songs, monologues, rants, lightning talks, audio puppet shows, standup – whatever you fancy.0% planned but where we’re going we don’t need plans.Mike C, Mark C and the internet
Playful LearningWe’ve been accepted for the playful learning conference! We’re developing a neat bite-sized interview format we can run from a booth there. Watch this space for updates 🙂50% plannedMike C, Mark C, playful learning experts
Learning outcomesMike recently worked with Tom Olney to produce a video on Learning Outcomes. It’s Tom’s special soapbox subject – and it would be great to go in to detail on them, as they’re such a fundamental part of design. Needs a good pop culture lens…25% plannedMike C, Mark C, Tom O, Paul A
Mezirow’s heirachy of needsI heirchically need an episode on this. But because I haven’t researched it yet I have no idea what that means.1% plannedMike C + others
EDIA in educationReally need to do something on this topic sharpish. Would be good to have something ready to coincide with the OU summer EDI event.0% plannedMike C + others
UDLSomething covering UDL, what it is – and the debate around it. Needs a good pop culture thing to hang it off!10%Mike C, Mark C, Jen McP