We’ve always got episodes bubbling away in the background, in various states of undress and preparation. Here’s what we’ve got at the moment. Transparent practice innit!

Working titleThemesStatusContributors
Bootstrapping Learning Design in HogwartsDesign experts from 4 different universities role-playing as the heads of house for Hogwarts, discussing how we’d implement learning design principles in the wizarding curriculum based on a failed Ofsted inspection / wizard disease that stops people teaching with magic.Planning 90%Mike C, Mark C, Chris C, Liz E
Social constructionism +Apollo 13We’ve been talking about doing an episode around this for ages, but have really struggled to agree a theme. We think Apollo 13 should be a good fit, and if it isn’t then that’s a discussion in itself (it’s al about understanding the pedagogy in the end)Planning 50%Mike C, Mark C, Becky C, Olivia R
What does master butchery and Learning Design have in common?Daniel Day Lewis, method acting, inhabiting a character – how that can be used to explore the student perspective in designPlanning 50%Mike C, Becky M, 3rd person???
Pedagodzilla open mic night 2Following the cracking fun of the poetry slam, we want to have some more opportunities for pedagogic silliness with an even wider variety of contributors. Current model is a 2-3 min open mic slot which folk can bring their creation of choice to. Might shift it to poems, monologues, bad jokes standup, will see what folk are comfortable with.Ready to record but needs at least one more ‘normal’ episode before recordingAnyone who wants in.
Is imposter syndrome an occupational hazard of Learning Design?Exploring the feelings of imposter syndrome in the Learning Design role. It’s something that has come up from quite a variety of colleagues. Maybe an open discussionPlanning 75%Mike C, Becky M, 3rd person???
Come Dunning with me, KrugerExploring the Dunning Kruger Effect, along with Come Dine with Me (YUS)
Possible question – How does Come Dine With Me rely on the Dunning Kruger effect?
(This episode is going to be a right laugh – really looking forward to it)
Planned and ready to record at the end of April. Should be live MayMike C, Paul A, Mark C
Funlosophy – making tricky topics accessibleUsing Dom Jordan’s ‘Funlosophy’ approach to introducing and exploring philosophical concepts with his team as a way to draw connections across some of the pedagogies we’ve already covered, and discuss approaches for making tough stuff fun to learn.50% planned.Mike C, Dom J, Mark C, 4th person?
Activity theory + ???Carlos has spent years looking at activity theory, Mark has spent years looking at social constructivism. Lets get the two in the same recording and see what happens. This one needs a good pop culture hook.25% plannedMike C, Carlos M,
Mark C