We’ve always got episodes bubbling away in the background, in various states of undress and preparation. Here’s what we’ve got at the moment. Transparent practice innit!

Working titleThemesStatusContributors
What does master butchery and Learning Design have in common?Daniel Day Lewis, method acting, inhabiting a character – how that can be used to explore the student perspective in designPlanning 50%Mike C, Becky M, 3rd person???
The Devil Wears Imposter SyndromeExploring the feelings of imposter syndrome in the Learning Design role. It’s something that has come up from quite a variety of colleagues – using The Devil Wears Prada as a framePlanning 90% – Recording October 2021Mike C, Becky M, Mark C
Funlosophy – making tricky topics accessibleUsing Dom Jordan’s ‘Funlosophy’ approach to introducing and exploring philosophical concepts with his team as a way to draw connections across some of the pedagogies we’ve already covered, and discuss approaches for making tough stuff fun to learn.75% planned.Mike C, Dom J, Mark C, 4th person?
Activity theory + ???Carlos has spent years looking at activity theory, Mark has spent years looking at social constructivism. Lets get the two in the same recording and see what happens. This one needs a good pop culture hook.25% plannedMike C, Carlos M,
Mark C
Pedagodzilla movie nightWe need to get some movie talk out of our systems. Lets talk about highbrow movie stuff for a while.25% plannedMike C, Mark C, Becky C, Others
GamificationWe ended up talking about it for half of the open mic night, this is something we clearly need to get out of our systems! Needs a good universal framework to hang off.25% plannedMike C, Mark C, Mark W, Liz E, Paul A