Don’t Pivot, Swivel – Episode 3

Don't Pivot, Swivel - Episode 3

Mark’s third dip into pandemic pedagogy is with Professor Peter Hartley. This came about because Mark and Peter are invited every year to do a presentation at the SOLSTICE conference at Edge Hill University. Because of lockdown they were asked to do a video or narrated PowerPoint on the impact of Covid-19 instead. This looked at the tendency of many people who did the pivot to online to behave as if online learning wasn’t just new to them, but new to everyone.

There’s speculation about what mechanisms could have led to this lack of awareness, and why online pedagogy principles hadn’t previously permeated practice. Though without the alliteration. They also took apart the number of bad takes on online learning in newspapers, including those that are for the teaching profession. And they did all these discussions about the pandemic and what happened after as if looking back on it from 2045.

The narrated PowerPoint is at https://figshare.edgehill.ac.uk/articles/presentation/Looking_back_at_the_2020_pandemic/12416009  The audio is a bit shorter but there’s pictures!