Don’t Pivot, Swivel – Episode 2

Don’t Pivot, Swivel - Episode 2


Mark’s second chat with Diane on the hop skip and jump to distance learning – once again he’s helpfully included a breakdown of the episode if you’d like to hop to a specific section. Really interesting chat, and a great primer for educators finding themselves lost at sea in these strange times.


0:35 Mark and Di introduce episode 2 briefly covering the four things they’ll discuss this time. These are:

  • Inclusivity and accessibility in the connectivity sense
  • Inclusivity and accessibility in the ability/disability sense
  • Tips for supporting collaborative learning online
  • Health and wellbeing in moving online
  • Health and wellbeing in dealing with lockdown

2:20 Inclusivity online. Mark talks about how the patterns and disadvantage change within an online environment. Mark talks about the issues with some things you can do to make your teaching more accessible. And it all comes down to how you design your assessments anyway. Also, Mark does his “one more thing” again.

12:00 Collaborative learning – some dos and don’ts. Well mainly dos. This is Mark’s specialism, so we had to cut a lot of this out because he goes on a lot about it. Mainly plugging his books.

17:45 Health and wellbeing in moving online – Mark talks about how it’s important to switch off. The key message is figure out what needs to be done synchronously, what can be done asynchronously and don’t feel pressurised to do one when you are better off doing the other. Mark accidentally lets slip that he often wanders off for a walk when he should be working. Di identifies the problem with flipped learning and also how to fix it.

27:30 Staying healthy during lockdown and outro – taking the current situation into account when we are teaching and being compassionate with our students. Di thanks Mark for his time.